A very moving Year 13 Graduation Ceremony

Yesterday we enjoyed one of the most important days of the school year: our Year 13 Graduation Ceremony.

These young adults have now reached the end of their stage as students at ELIS Villamartín and join our ELIS Alumni community. It has been a very special academic year and a specially moving ceremony for every member of our ELIS Villamartín community: students, parents and staff. These Year 13 students deserve all our appraisal and recognition after a year full of changes and challenges where they all have impressed us with their positive attitude towards learning and their tremendous resilience. Without a doubt, these skills will be of great help for all of them in the next stage of their educational journey.

We wish them all every success; thank them and their families for their contributions to our school community; and look forward to welcoming them back to ELIS Villamartín whenever they can visit!