Results & Performance

Results & Performance

During Year 10 and Year 11 all pupils study towards up to 10 IGCSEs from: English, English Literature, Spanish, French or Chinese or German, Drama, Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, or Double Award Science, Business Studies, Geography, History, IT, PE,  Music and Art. In addition, pupils study Geography/History in Spanish with a curriculum adapted to their linguistic competence.

At the end of Year 11 pupils sit their IGCSEs and successful students receive a Statement of Studies, converted into the Graduate in Secondary Education Certificate (Certificado de Graduado en Educación Secundaria).

At least 5 IGCSE pass grades A* to C are required for entrance to A-Level. A minimum of a B Grade at IGCSE is required for subjects chosen for A-Level study.

Advanced Level examinations (A-Levels) are taken over the last two years of study in a secondary school and are the standard entry qualification for British, Spanish and other international universities. They consist of two parts – the first is usually taken at the end of Year 12 and is called Advanced Subsidiary (AS) level. This is worth half a full A-Level. Satisfactory achievement of the second year (A2) results in the award of an A-Level qualification.

A-Levels are graded from A* to E. Pupils study towards 3 or 4 A-Levels according to their abilities, interests and ambitions.

IGCSE Examination Results 2018

% students achieving 5 or more A*- C grades including English & Maths 89%
% A* – A grade passes 49%
IGCSE Pass rate 100%

A-Level GCE/IAL Examination Results 2018

% A* – E pass grades 95.7%
% A*- C pass grades 76.6%
% A* – A pass grades 13%

Graduating Students’ final ‘Nota’ Grades (Combined A-Levels & ‘Pruebas de Competencia Específica’ results)

(For students attending Spanish Universities)

‘Nota’ grade achieved (out of 14) Percentage
Between 10 and 14 50%
Between 9 and 10 33%
Below 9 (and above 5) 17%

Highest ‘Nota’ grade: 12
‘Nota’ average: 10.2