Guidance Department

Guidance Department

The Guidance Department works closely with Early Years and Primary tutors and subject teachers in the timely detection of specific learning needs and difficulties. Educational support in areas such as the reading-writing process, mathematics and speech development is available for those who require it.

The Department also addresses circumstances of behavioural change and works together with staff and families to support pupils and monitor their progress and development.

Personalised Learning Plans (PLPs) are the tool we use to collate, share and review information about students.

In their final five years of schooling, Secondary and A-Level / Bachillerato students are involved in the Careers Guidance Programme, the aim of which is to inform students of the opportunities open to them and to give them the tools necessary to make the right decisions for their personal and professional future. Aspects of the programme include personal and academic target setting and monitoring, workshops, the work experience programme and the school’s annual University Fair in February.