Beyond the Classroom

Beyond the Classroom


On Wednesday afternoons, the Early Years and Primary classrooms are transformed into Design and Technology workshops with activities such as sculpting, art and craft and cookery. Workshops are led by our own staff as well as professional craftspeople and pupils have a chance to develop skills in several areas throughout the year thanks to a system of rotation.


Educational Visits

Day Trips

The aim of our educational visits programme is to complement and enrich the school curriculum. Pupils of all ages are invited to visit places of historical or cultural interest such as museums, theatre performances and concerts and these trips take place during the school day. Secondary students taking subjects such as Geography are also invited to take part in field trips and the school teams take place in sports events at other schools.

Residential Trips

The school organises different types of residential trips in each department.

Primary and Secondary students are invited to take part in sports tournaments and cultural events which sometimes involve travel abroad and overnight stays. The Primary department organises an annual camp at farms or water sport centres in the summer term. Secondary students are able to take part in an end of year trip abroad, normally to France or Italy.

All trips, independent of their duration, are optional and require parental permission.


Exchange Programme and School Stays

International exchange programmes and school stays are available within the Cognita family of schools and during the summer holidays we offer summer camps with a range of activities.


Work Experience Programme

The school supports its A-Level students in the decision-making process relating to their academic and professional futures. The aim of the week long Work Experience programme is to provide a platform through which Year 12 students can experience life in the workplace and gain valuable insight to help them make the right choices.


ELIS Challenge

A-Level students have a vital role to play in the life of the school community and should take every opportunity to develop their powers of initiative and responsible leadership.

One hour a week is set aside for this, known as the ELIS Challenge, and all A-Level students are expected to participate in an area of community action. This involves doing something for someone else within the school e.g. as a buddy for literacy or numeracy in Primary, working in Infants, coaching in PE, arranging Charity events and generally using skills and talents in other areas of the School or giving time to assist others. The success of many extra-curricular activities depends on A-Level students’ organisation and enthusiasm.