How we promote wellbeing in the school community.

We launched this wellbeing page on our website to support our school community during the COVID-19 health crisis. This page contains three sections: Physical Wellbeing, Emotional Wellbeing, and Cognita Be Well Tips. You will find useful resources in the relevant sections.

The wellbeing of our students is of paramount importance. Please, if you are concerned about your child’s wellbeing then please get in touch with us.


Stay Active! Keep your Physical Wellbeing

Our teaching and learning doesn’t stop, and our PE lessons are more crucial than ever.
Let’s join the workouts recorded by our PE team or their students and do daily routines This is a great opportunity to spend time with family and keep active at the same time!

For more videos like these, visit our Youtube official channel.


Contacts and online support for our students 

Whilst it is perfectly normal to feel anxious in the current circumstances, we feel that our students and wider community can always benefit from some additional emotional support. Meet our Designated Safeguarding Leads!

Resources and Articles worth spreading

Living with worry and anxiety amidst global uncertainty – Psychology guide

That Discomfort You’re Feeling Is Grief – Harvard Business Review

Daily exercise for your mind. Work out with Luminosity, a fresh set of games each day to keep you challenged.

National Theatre at home. A programme of national theatre live productions streamed for free via YouTube.

Explore the world at your fingertips. Here’s a comprehensive list of virtual tours you can take with your children, adventure all over the world.

Free live Opera from the Met. Quality opera from the comfort of your home! 

Go for a Virtual Museum Visit! Visit some of the world’s most famous museums from the comfort of your own home.

Practice some Spanish! The publisher Hearst Spain offers all itsonline free access magazines: Harper’s Bazaar, EsquireElleMen’s/Women’s Health…  

Imagineering in a Box is a free online program that brings together the diverse talents of Disney Imagineers around the world for a one-of-a-kind learning experience.


School Closure or Self-isolation: Advice for Teenage Students

The school closure might make you feel worried, uncertain, nervous – or you might be excited about the possibility of not being at school. All these emotions are natural. We can use this situation to become more resilient: keep the following tips in mind.

Talking to your kid about Coronavirus

The fast-moving developments and intensive news coverage in relation to coronavirus can be challenging for parents.  The following tips for parents compiled by our Cognita Education and Wellbeing Team are designed to help when discussing the issue with your child.

Maintaining Wellbeing During School Closures

These are uncertain times as a parent. As well as not being able to tell your child what is or isn’t going to happen in the coming weeks, you will also need to oversee their learning at home. It is
natural that you may feel anxious about this, but some of these tips may be helpful.

Sleep during Covid-19

The nature of our sleep changes considerably throughout infancy, childhood, our teenage years and into adulthood. The Covid-19 Pandemic is a global crisis, which is  demanding on our physical and mental health. We should think about why and how sleep plays such a critical part in improving our health.

Find more resources on Cognita Be Well website