ELIS School Uniform

Nursery – Year 10: Click HERE for details of our dress and P.E. uniforms, to be worn with black leather shoes (dress uniform) or white trainers (P.E. uniform)

Year 11: Students may choose to wear the dress uniform with black leather shoes or the P.E. uniform with white trainers every day.

Years 12 & 13: All ELIS School students are required to dress in an appropriate manner. Students studying A-Level P.E. should wear the school tracksuit on days when this subject is timetabled.

* This school uniform is mandatory for NEW students only. Existing uniform may be worn until January 2021.


Our uniform is exclusively available at El Corte Inglés:

Murcia (Avenida de la Libertad)

Murcia (Centro Comercial Myrtea)

Cartagena (Alameda de San Antón)

Elche (Centro Comercial Ciudad de Elche)