A-Level and Bachillerato

A-Level and Bachillerato

After Year 11 the school offers A-Level courses and Bachillerato Modalidad courses.

A-Levels (Advanced Levels) take two years to complete. They are offered in the following subjects: English, Spanish, French, Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, IT, PE, Drama, Art, Music, General Studies, Geography, History and Business Studies. Pupils study towards 3 or 4 A levels according to their abilities, interests and ambitions. In order to enter A-level, pupils must gain at least 5 IGCSEs or equivalent, at Grade C or above. Pupils should achieve a grade B or above in the subjects they wish to study at A-Level. The A-Level Handbook gives more detail and contains the application form which pupils must complete before being admitted to study A-levels.

A-Levels prepare students for university entrance in the UK, Spain and other international institutions. However, for entrance to certain courses in Spanish Universities we recommend that students choose to study, alongside their A-Levels, Bachillerato Modalidad subjects in order to prepare for the Spanish university entrance exam, Selectividad.

Bachillerato Modalidad Subjects offered are: Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Applied Maths, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Technical Drawing, History of Art and Economics. Students may choose two of these subjects.

In addition to the A-Level results, the Bachillerato Modalidad results and the Selectividad exam results contribute to obtaining a higher “numerus clausus” which will be needed to access some degree courses in Spain. A student following both A-Level and Bachillerato Modalidad subjects can obtain a dual qualification.

A-Level Weekly Subject Hours

There are either 4 or 5 lessons per subject per week timetabled and students are expected to study for the same amount of time per subject independently. A-Level students will follow, as part of their timetabled week, the ELIS Challenge during which they work with younger pupils throughout the school or contribute to other areas and departments in order to enhance their CV and /or Personal Statement for University entrance. In addition to this, at the end of their first year of A-Level, all students will have the possibility of joining the school’s work experience programme. Supervised study periods are also timetabled for all students’ independent study whilst in school. The amount of weekly supervised study periods per student will vary depending on their individual choice of A-Levels.

Bachillerato Modalidad Weekly Subject Hours

There are 3 lessons per subject per week timetabled for Modalidad subjects. Pupils study their two chosen subjects throughout two academic years, as well as following the A-Level timetable, including ELIS Challenge, Work Experience and CAE or FCE examinations. Selectividad exams take place at the end of May of the second year. The final term of the second year is focused on revision and exam practice. Students are expected to study independently on a daily basis as most of the subjects entail a high theoretical component.