Microsoft Spain interviews our Upper School teacher Toñi Legidos

On September 30, Microsoft Spain celebrated the #VueltaAlColeConMicrosoft event designed for teachers in which education professionals were able to discover the keys they need to know for this special new course.

Our Upper School teacher and Microsoft Innovative Expert Educator, Toñi Legidos, was one of the professionals chosen to participate in this event, as well as our colleague Jorge Calvo, Head of Innovation at Colegio Europeo de Madrid (CEM), a Cognita school located in Madrid.

Toñi Legidos was interviewed about her use of Minecraft Education Edition in the classroom, the way in which she has incorporated this tool into her programme, the response of the students and the positive results achieved. In this event, teachers discovered how to work in a hybrid environment, how to connect with students, families and the teaching team, and protect themselves with the creation of safe collaborative environments, among many other things.

To sum up, a fantastic event in which the Microsoft Education Spain team, led by its director Belén Gancedo and together with some of the most innovative teachers in new technologies, shared news, resources and experiences which help teachers develop their digital competence and know the keys to working in hybrid environments.