Last Friday, ELIS Murcia hosted the fourth edition of our annual INSET Day for teaching and non-teaching staff from both ELIS schools.

Mr Paul McGee, a leading motivational speaker known also as The SUMO Guy, led the morning’s training, which focused on the importance of motivation, resilience and embracing change. An interesting tour through the strategies and attitudes professionals require to be resilient and caring. Paul made us laugh and learn at the same time.

Afterwards the teaching staff attended an interesting talk and workshop about some of the most effective, and current IT apps available to teachers, delivered by the ICT Evangelist Mr Mark Anderson, a former school leader with more than twenty years of experience, and who is also an Apple, Google and Microsoft certified educator.

Non-teaching staff participated in a useful training session about the different types of fire and fire extinguishers available, and the most effective protocol to fight fires. Our kitchen staff also attended a training session on best practices and safety.

The IV ELIS INSET day was an amazing opportunity for all staff to gather and learn together, acquiring skills and knowledge which will definitely have an enriching impact on their wellbeing and professional practice.