Friendship bench

After a lot of hard work and some spilt paint we are proud to announce the arrival of our ´Friendship bench´, which has been placed outside by the patio tables.
The idea was originally thought up by a few Primary students who had read about something similar in other schools. They believed that it would be a very good idea to have somewhere to sit when you were in need of assistance or just wanted someone to play with. As we are a school of many nationalities and with many of the students not only having joined a new school but having moved to a new country as well, it´s not always easy to make friends. We hope that the ´Friendship bench´ will be a platform to encourage new and longlasting friendships.
The students who thought of the idea, along with Y5B, helped to design, paint and complete the project. Y5B also designed their own friendship posters and along with some lovely ´Friends´ bookmarks handed them out in assembly to students that they didn´t know in the hope that a new friendship may be made.
The ´Friendship bench´ is also very popular with friends who just want to be together in a quiet place but who are also willing to invite others into their group. We hope in future that the students can add more designs and pictures to the bench to really make it their own.