School of Music

Through our School of Music, called Music@ELIS, ELIS Villamartín pupils have the opportunity to receive personalised music instruction from early ages. The objective is to allow pupils to receive high quality musical instrument and vocal tuition within school, in addition to the music classes offered as part of the National Curriculum from Early Years to Sixth Form (Infantil 3 – 2º Bachillerato).

Our extracurricular music lessons are given within school hours on a weekly rotating system so the normal development of curricular lessons is not affected.

Our School offers the possibility for your child to be prepared to take the official Rockschool or ABRSM exams.


  • Musical Language through Mago Diapasón and Violin (Suzuki method) / Nursery, Reception and Year 1.
  • Musical Language through Music Mind Games / Year 2 to Year 6 pupils.
  • Clarinet (Claripeke method), Piano, Vocals, Clarinet, Horn, Trumpet, Violin, Ukelele, Electric and Spanish guitar, Bass (from Year 2), Drums, Musical Creation and Combo (music bands).



The Music program comprises 30 lessons taught over 9 months, October to June both inclusive. Its total cost will be divided equally over the 9 months. You will be billed for the activity at the beginning of each month, together with your child’s school bill. Students will do their weekly homework through our educational platform Seesaw, allowing them to hold a more direct and meaningful communication with their teachers.




  • Musical Creation, Guitar, Drums, Piano, Claripeke, Violin, Vocals, Clarinet, Horn, Trumpet and Violin: 60 €
  • Music Mind Games and Combo: 42 €
  • Mago Diapasón: 35 € (plus 20 € annual fee)