Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

School Council

The school has two Student Councils; one for Primary pupils and one for Secondary pupils.

Each Council consists of two class delegates from each year group who attend regular meetings with the Senior Leadership Team and staff. The aim of the Councils is the participation and direct involvement of our students in the promotion of new ideas for activities and improvements in the day to day life of the school.



Year 11 pupils are invited to apply to become a Secondary Prefect with responsibilities extending to the whole of the Secondary department. They share their tasks with the A-Level ELIS Scholarship holders who act as Senior Prefects in Year 12 and Head Boy/Girl in Year 13.


Reward Programme

Our Reward Systems in Primary are an integral part of promoting positive behaviour, engagement in learning and achieving and recognising success. All staff have a responsibility to provide positive learning opportunities and to reward good and improved work and effort, using different processes.

From Year 7 on, merits are awarded for good effort, work and helpfulness. Students in Years 7 – 13  are placed in one of four Houses and compete to win the House Cup. The merits they achieve each week are converted to points and contribute to the total House points and the awarding of the annual House Cup.



Once a week, pupils from Early Years, Primary, Secondary and A-Level take part in an Assembly led by the respective Heads of Department. This is a time to celebrate achievement and reinforce our message of the importance of participation and excellence. Pupils from each department come together to talk about different topics, listen to external speakers and receive recognition for their academic and other achievements.