Extra-curricular Activities

The range of extracurricular activities on offer at ELIS Villamartín is broadened every year and includes sporting, exercise and academic enrichment activities.

Each activity will require a minimum number of pupils. This number will vary depending on the activity. Sessions are between 4.30pm and 5.30pm, Mondays to Thursdays.

Open to all our students grouped according to age and ability, the current activities on offer include:

  • Taekwondo: from Y1 to Y6 (42 €)
  • Tennis: from Y1 to Y6 (42 €)
  • Fusion Dance: from Y4 to Y8 (42 €)
  • Robotix-Algorithmics: from Y4 to Y8 (60 €)
  • Russian (two levels): from Y1 to Y6 (45 €)
  • Robotix: from Y1 to Y3 (60 €)
  • Basketball: from Y3 to Y8 (42 €)
  • Chess: from Y1 to Y6 (42 €)