Carolina Medina, Alumnus of the Year 2021-22

Enthusiastic, fun and always cheerful, she always transmitted that vitality to her classmates at ELIS Villamartín where, she assures, she made friends for life. She stands out for being a dynamic and entrepreneurial person, always wanting to learn and to improve. She confesses to be in love with both sports and her work as an ophthalmologist. When she started Sixth Form, she already made it clear that her main motivation was to help those around her, and today she can be proud of having achieved the goals that she set for herself when she graduated with honors from our school in 2010.

She is Carolina Medina Martín, our Alumnus of the Year 2021/22.

How is the job going? What is it that you like the most about your work?

I love my job. I am an ophthalmologist- eye doctor-. The eye may seem like a very small organ, vision is a key part of a person´s life, and as the saying goes ‘there is more to it than meets the eye’. Part of my job involves patient interaction by diagnosing and treating pathology. Another key part of my job is microsurgery, which is carried out through a microscope and a very delicate hand.

Recently I had to be involved against the COVID pandemic at my hospital as a front-line doctor. Even though it was a hard experience it was fulfilling to help others in such a critical moment.

I can´t imagine myself doing any other job.

To what extent do you think that your training at ELIS facilitated your current professional life?

My teachers were very helpful in helping me achieve my goal of entering medical school. I also recall various biology classes where I practiced my use of the microscope. I am also lucky that I met my best friend at ELIS, who has been a key part of my life including supporting me during my career.

What about your spare time? What do you do to enjoy yourself when you’re not working?

I like to exercise and I am a big fan of Padel tennis. I can´t say no to a friendly match.  I love spending time with my friends and food, so I love eating with my friends!

Finally, where do you see yourself in a few years time?

I would like to continue developing my skills as an ophthalmologist and spread my practice both in public and private sectors.