School Fees

School Fees 2022-2023

AgeEnglandSpainMONTHLY FEE
(10 months/year)
3-4Nursery – Part timeInfant 3461 €
3-4NurseryInfant 3615 €
4-5ReceptionInfant 4615 €
5-6Year 1Infant 5665 €
6-7Year 2Primary 1665 €
7-8Year 3Primary 2750 €
8-9Year 4Primary 3750 €
9-10Year 5Primary 4750 €
10-11Year 6Primary 5750 €
11-12Year 7Primary 6860 €
12-13Year 8Secondary 1860 €
13-14Year 9Secondary 2860 €
14-15Year 10Secondary 3860 €
15-16Year 11Secondary 4860 €
16-17Year 12Baccalaureate 1885 €
17-18Year 13Baccalaureate 2885 €

Registration Fee: The registration fee for new students is a sole payment of 1,250 euros. This is not refundable.

Lunches: Cost of the dining fee: 1.600,00 € per year (160.00 € per month). Dining fee is compulsory for all students to Year 8 inclusive.

Transport: Transport fees depend on the route and remain between 120.00 € and 160.00 € per month.

Scholarships: The application period for the two partial Scholarships for internal students wishing to continue with A-Level/Modalidad studies is now open.

Fee Discounts

  • 10% for 1st sibling;
  • 20% for 2nd sibling;
  • 40% for 3rd sibling;
  • 2% discount on school fees if the full year’s fees (school and lunch) are paid before the end of September.
  • Discounts are not applicable to the part-time Nursery

Examination Fees: There are additional costs for international exams such as languages (ESOL, German and French), IGCSE (Year 11), AS and A-Level (Years 11 to 13). Some IGCSE and A-Level optional courses require students to undertake study and investigation trips at additional cost. You can choose the Exams Fees in Advance option, by paying a fee from October to March, which will be accumulated for the subsequent exam fees for A-Level and IGCSE.

Textbooks: Textbook lists are published during the 3rd term. All texts, whether digital subscriptions or physical textbooks, are reserved with the school office. Digital subscriptions are billed directly from the school.

School Uniforms: School uniform is compulsory up until the end of Year 11. It is not sold by the school. Please ask the school secretary for further details about the suppliers.