School Fees

School Fees 2021-2022

AgeEnglandSpainMONTHLY FEE
(10 months/year)
3-4Nursery – Part timeInfant 3446 €
3-4NurseryInfant 3595 €
4-5ReceptionInfant 4595 €
5-6Year 1Infant 5640 €
6-7Year 2Primary 1640 €
7-8Year 3Primary 2723 €
8-9Year 4Primary 3723 €
9-10Year 5Primary 4723 €
10-11Year 6Primary 5723 €
11-12Year 7Primary 6831 €
12-13Year 8Secondary 1831 €
13-14Year 9Secondary 2831 €
14-15Year 10Secondary 3831 €
15-16Year 11Secondary 4831 €
16-17Year 12Baccalaureate 1855 €
17-18Year 13Baccalaureate 2855 €

Registration Fee: The registration fee for new students is a sole payment of 1,100 euros. This is not refundable.

Lunches: Cost of the dining fee: 1.600,00 € per year (160.00 € per month). Dining fee is compulsory for all students to Year 8 inclusive.

Transport: Transport fees depend on the route and remain between 115.00 € and 155.00 € per month.

Scholarships: The application period for the two partial Scholarships for internal students wishing to continue with A-Level/Modalidad studies is now open.

Fee Discounts

  • 10% for 1st sibling;
  • 20% for 2nd sibling;
  • 40% for 3rd sibling;
  • 2% discount on school fees if the full year’s fees (school and lunch) are paid before the end of September.
  • Discounts are not applicable to the part-time Nursery

Examination Fees: There are additional costs for international exams such as languages (ESOL, German and French), IGCSE (Year 11), AS and A-Level (Years 11 to 13). Some IGCSE and A-Level optional courses require students to undertake study and investigation trips at additional cost. You can choose the Exams Fees in Advance option, by paying a fee from October to March, which will be accumulated for the subsequent exam fees for A-Level and IGCSE.

Textbooks: Textbook lists are published during the 3rd term and are available to reserve and buy through the school; this is not compulsory however and books can be purchased independently.

School Uniforms: School uniform is compulsory up until the end of Year 11. It is not sold by the school. Please ask the school secretary for further details about the suppliers.