Each year, four partial scholarships are offered for pupils entering A Level courses.

The aim of the scholarships is to enable both current and new students to work towards achieving true academic excellence. Four scholarships are available (two for internal candidates and two for external candidates) and they cover 25% of a pupil’s tuition fees for the duration of the two year course of A Level or A Level/Modalidad Bachillerato.

Whilst the scholarships are awarded partly on the basis on academic results, we are seeking to identify demonstrable enthusiasm for learning beyond the subjects studied and will take into account achievements outside the classroom.

Application Process

To apply for a scholarship, candidates must complete an application form. They must include their predicted IGCSE/GCSE/Secondary marks from their current school and a personal statement. The process of selection of the scholarship candidates includes an interview with the Leadership Team at the school and sitting some subject-based examinations.

Any queries may be directed to 966 722 821 or by email to