Are you an Expat?

As a school which celebrates its multiculturalism and wide experience with international families, we are fully aware of how stressful and complex a relocation can be in many aspects for your family, and not only in finding the best school for your children.

Along with our admissions process we have a programme offering contact with school parents who already have gone through the process you are now experiencing. Our school parents’ community is willing to help and provide advice to make your transition process as smooth as possible.

Further to this we have a dedicated email address for you to be able to make contact with other international families, seek advice about the local area or assistance registering your child at ELIS Villamartin. If you have already contacted the Admissions office, please use the email address below.

The email address is

Please note, as a school we are unable to provide legal advice or help with the Visa process of living and working in Spain.

Where do our school families come from?