Cognita focuses its participation in the RE.SCHOOL forum on the importance of wellbeing.

In the new normal, schools face the greatest changes to the educational system in modern times.

This is an atypical year in which we have to adjust our infrastructure, blend face-to-face and online teaching, guarantee the curriculum, obtain measurable outcomes, support families and take care of teachers’ wellbeing.  It is a challenge for all of us who work in the educational sector. We have to re-think schools attracting the best minds, best practices and best ideas.

In this context the second edition of the RE.SCHOOL online forum took place on the 28th of October: “Teachers: elite athletes” which focused on the emotional support in times of uncertainty. The conference counted with the participation of Fidelma Murphy, Director of Education Cognita Spain, Xesco Espar, coach and expert in high performance and Julia Merino of Innovation and Educational Equity of the Junta de Castilla y León.

Fidelma Murphy focused on the importance of wellbeing and how Cognita Schools have implemented the role of the Group Director of Wellbeing to drive focus on this key strategic priority and ensure wellbeing is a unified priority across the group. A key position that leads the tracking and evaluating of student, staff and school wellbeing and is sector leading in producing wellbeing resources, initiatives for our schools and their communities.

“We decided that our priority as a group was going to be the wellbeing of our community without knowing at the time what was coming,” explained Fidelma Murphy. “And that it had to focus on two areas: physical and emotional wellbeing”

The result of this commitment is the already consolidated Global Be Well Day implemented in ELIS Villamartín, as an annual event, as well as in all 78 Cognita schools around the world in order to promote the factors identified in our “Be Well Charter” which contribute to both physical and mental health (sleep, food, exercise, connect, do and give).

“And then Covid arrived,” she adds. “What had been a common initiative in all schools became a necessity.”

Regarding the role of the teacher at this time, Fidelma is convinced: “I believe our teachers have a lot of merit. They have been able to maintain a very positive attitude, transform their way of working with their students and the commitment to wellbeing has been a fundamental component to overcome this time of difficulty”. And she adds: “We have been far apart, but never that close.”

“Our commitment as teachers is to reinforce the learning of the tools that students need at this time to face this situation,” she concludes.


ELIS Villamartín celebrates its commitment to wellbeing with a second Global Be Well Day

We are thrilled to share with you some photos and videos from our second edition of Cognita’s Global Be Well Day (GBWD), which took place on Friday 25th September.

Following last year’s groundbreaking initiative promoted by Cognita to dedicate an entire day to raising awareness about the importance of physical and emotional wellbeing across all Cognita schools worldwide, our focus this year will extend far beyond the 25th September.

In response to feedback from Cognita schools around the world, we are maintaining the 5 key themes that were used in 2019, but this year we are reinforcing the contributors to physical and mental health outlined in our Be Well Charter – Sleep, Diet, Exercise and Connecting, Doing and Giving.

Emotional wellbeing and mental health is at the heart of the culture and ethos of ELIS Villamartín and Cognita and indeed the Covid-19 pandemic has heightened this priority even more. For this reason, we feel that this year our GBWD celebration required a more introspective approach and as such we designed projects for students to explore their feelings in this day and age.

Further to this, The Cognita Active World Challenge is a global activity to help our school communities around the world to be active and to connect with each other. Starting on the 25th September we have 4 weeks to travel as many kilometres as we can.

At ELIS Villamartín we need to travel 2,400 kilometers to ‘get to’ North Bridge House School in London! We would love to have everyone’s help (students, parents and staff) to achieve this ambitious target!


Back to school!!

After months of hard work, challenges and planning, we are happy to see that life back inside ELIS Villamartín is developing well given the adverse circumstances. Parents, students, and staff have done everything possible to ensure smooth and safe drop off and pick up routines, as well as focusing on student reintegration after some 6 months away from school.

We have implemented different protocols and procedures to maximise safety, hygiene and the best possible return to school life. Communication and collaboration with parents has been constant since mid-August and support from Cognita has meant that we have been able to access up-to-date information and training programmes more easily.

It should be a source of pride for all of us that the joint effort of the ELIS community has made it possible to offer our students the best educational provision currently available. With ongoing hard work and commitment, we will continue to improve day by day.

Excellent academic results!

After a challenging couple of weeks following the release of international exams results, we can finally congratulate our ELIS Villamartín students for having achieved outstanding grades in both their national and international courses this year. We are delighted that all of their hard work, and the rigour and great support of their teachers, has finally paid off. Well done to everyone!


90% of students achieved 5 grades of 4 & above
43% of students obtained grades 7 & above

At A Level:
38% of grades were awarded at A*-A
85% of grades were awarded A*- C

99% pass rate

Combined Nota for Spanish University entry

Highest Nota = 12.75

Nota average 10.52


As in previous years, our graduates (now ELIS Alumni) have secured places at a range of prestigious universities nationally including universities in Alicante, Madrid and Valencia as well as at first-class international institutions, where all our graduates achieved their first university option.

Despite a very strange academic year and all the uncertainty surrounding the 2020 exam results, it is great to see our students get the recognition they deserve which now allows them to embark on the next stage in their lives. We wish them every success and look forward to keeping in touch with them via:

The details about these excellent result can be seen on our website:

Cognita Spain offers a webinars programme to our teaching staff.

The entire ELIS teaching team has had the opportunity to continue their professional development during lockdown thanks to a series of webinars that have allowed them to acquire new knowledge and share best practice in a variety of teaching and learning areas.

These webinars were organised by Cognita Spain and were led through the participation of various staff members from different schools in the group. In the case of ELIS Murcia, our sister school, a Secondary Lengua teacher, Irene Pardo, participated in the “Micro-gamification with educational breakouts” webinar which dealt with the way in which breakout games or escape rooms can be introduced either in online or face-to-face learning. She demonstrated how students can be challenged to solve a series of puzzles using different codes in a variety of subject areas.

The Head of Upper School (ELIS Murcia), Jon Wayth, also led a webinar entitled “Learnings from lockdown on feedback” in collaboration with Jon Coward, Deputy Headteacher at TEMS, Madrid, where he shared best practice about which measures and strategies can be implemented to optimise teacher time and efficiency. The webinar examined how we can use some of the technological applications we have used during lockdown as part of our effective strategies in the future.

Behind every great project there is a great professional, and that has been the case with Sabrina Espasandin. She is the Digital Learning Adviser at Cognita Spain, a key role in the digital transformation of schools, and the driving force in this amazing initiative.


Cognita takes part in Re.School Forum to design the future of education after Covid-19

There has been nothing in our modern history that’s had such a huge impact on the education field as the closing of schools due to COVID-19. In a matter of days, we have transitioned from face-to-face learning to both remote and online learning.

In this context, the online forum RE.SCHOOL, will take place on 24th and 25th June, where Fidelma Murphy (Director of Education at Cognita Schools, Spain) will participate amongst other speakers.

This congress will answer the six main challenges that schools must solve; guaranteeing health by working on infrastructure, teaching through a hybrid model type classroom and online classes, ensuring full coverage of the curriculum,  guaranteeing results with objectives and measurable data. Removing digital and emotional gaps between students and families, and above all, considering the well-being and workloads of the teachers, as the cornerstones of this “New Reality”.

Ending the school year with solidarity

ELIS Villamartín is finishing the school year showing its solidarity by collaborating with Action Against Hunger, a charity that provides food and wellbeing by contributing to the improvement of situations of poverty or lack of health and education. Our Challenge Against Hunger worked hard to alleviate the difficult situations that many families in our country and in the world are experiencing as a result of Covid-19.

For this reason, our Physical Education department prepared a challenge that took place during a week and that was carried out by the students during their PE sessions. To celebrate this event, we held a videocall with the ONG representative Vanessa Ortells where this initiative was commended, acknowledging the participation of our school community. Our Headteacher also received a diploma of recognition for our participation.

Undoubtedly, a very special way of finishing the school year.

ELIS Villamartín competes its way through lockdown!

On 18-22 May 2020, students and their families from ELIS Villamartín will join their teachers in an Olympics-style global lockdown competition with thousands of students in schools around the world.

The inaugural ‘Cognita Home Games’ is a series of fun fitness and skills challenges to join in with at home. It is being organised by the global schools family Cognita, of which ELIS Villamartín is a member.

With around 60 Cognita schools from across the world set to be involved, participating students, staff and families from ELIS Villamartín will compete to win the trophy for the school with the highest average score and the highest average participation. ELIS Villamartín will also form part of Team Europe in the bid to win the highest score or highest participation trophy across the three regions within Cognita (Europe, America & Asia). Individual medals will also be up for grabs for participants who gain the highest scores in their age group.

Following the opening ceremony on the Monday, ELIS Villamartín athletes will be able to participate from home in up to four fitness challenges and up to four skills challenges, with the closing ceremony and results announced on the Friday.

Sport is acknowledged the world over for improving health and happiness, and this virtual event is designed to bring school communities together during school closures.

Our Headteacher, Simon Roberts, said: ‘This optional event has captured the imagination of our PE staff and teachers alike, and we hope it will also inspire our students and families to get involved. By competing in this event, we are recognising the important contribution of sport to each individual student’s passion, pride and character, as well as the vital role of sport to physical and mental health. We’re delighted to be joining together with schools all over the world in the Cognita Home Games. It’s going to be a lot of fun. Go team ELIS Villamartín!’

ELIS Villamartín, one of the best international schools in Comunidad Valenciana 2020

One more year, El Limonar International School Villamartín (Alicante) has been included in the prestigious list of the 12 best international schools in Comunidad Valenciana developed by El Mundo newspaper. This is a most selective ranking in which international schools are evaluated against 27 exhaustive criteria of excellence.

ELIS Villamartín is the only international British school in our area of influence with this prestigious and independent recognition, awarded thanks to the joint effort of all our school community.

One of the aspects the jury valued most positively is that, besides being accredited by the Ministry of Education of Spain to offer the official certificate of Spanish Bachillerato, ELIS Villamartín is also accredited by the National Association of British Schools in Spain (NABSS) which means that ELIS is a fully accredited international school recognised by the UK government to deliver a British education in Spain. This enables us to offer the official IGCSE and A-Level qualifications which allow our students to enter both Spanish and British universities, as well as all the best educational systems around the world.

British School of Valencia, the other Cognita school in this region, has also been included in this prestigious ranking.

ELIS Villamartín donates professional equipment to fight against the coronavirus

This morning ELIS Villamartin has donated professional and individual protection equipment to fight against the coronavirus to the local government of San Miguel de Salinas:  3000 gloves, 50 masks, 100 disposable gowns kits and 4 litres of hydroalcoholic gel. Together, we will beat this pandemic.