Enrichment Programme

Enrichment Programme

At El Limonar International School Murcia we believe in a holistic education to ensure that every student has the opportunity to develop as a whole person, both academically and beyond.

To this end, we favoured the introduction of a programme which would actively involve students in non-academic activities, maximising their learning opportunities at the same time as widening the current curriculum offer. Thus, the Enrichment Programme should be seen as an experience which will complement each student’s overall development, contributing to their success in the many and varied roles they will undertake in their future life.

Unlike extra-curricular activities which are not, for different reasons, accessible to all of our students, the Enrichment Programme allows us to ensure that every student from Y2 – Y9 (1º Primaria – 2º ESO) will participate in a series of meaningful and engaging additional activities, during the school week, to develop an additional range of skills and attributes.

Students participate in six different activities throughout the school year. Activities currently on offer include orienteering, music, dance, woodwork, art & craft and computing amongst others.