The Primary years provide the important foundation of skills and attitudes that prepare pupils for further learning and productive, fulfilling lives.  Pupils are encouraged to approach learning with contemplation and courage, creating a sense of confidence that raises personal expectations and the setting of achievable yet higher goals.

Pupils will develop and demonstrate:

  • Reading, writing and speaking skills in English and Spanish for the expression of information, ideas, opinions and enjoyment;
  • Mathematical concepts, computations and problem solving skills;
  • Basic scientific methods and their application to daily living;
  • Awareness of the historical process, its progress and relevance;
  • Appreciation of the natural and social environment;
  • Intellectual curiosity and critical thinking;
  • Responsibility and independence in the learning process, and social interaction;
  • A positive attitude towards democratic values;
  • Maturity and dignity;
  • An acquisition of biculturalism;
  • Cultural awareness and appreciation for diversity;
  • Awareness of health and physical fitness;
  • Appreciation and enjoyment of the arts;
  • The use of information technology;
  • Autonomy in their handling of school routines, personal issues and the learning process.

Multilingual Education

New pupils registering at El Limonar International School Murcia aged 6 – 9 years who have little knowledge of English join the intensive Linguistic Immersion Programme. They are required to reach an acceptable level of English before joining mainstream groups and furthering their learning.

Linguistic immersion can also be available throughout the Primary years for those pupils who register at the school with a limited knowledge of Spanish. From Year 6, pupils will also study a third language: French, German or Chinese.

Subjects and language of instruction:

Years 1 – 6

History & GeographyEnglish
German/French/Chinese (Year 6)German/French/Chinese
Lengua españolaSpanish
Ciencias SocialesSpanish
Physical EducationEnglish/Spanish
Enrichment ProgrammeEnglish/Spanish