School for Parents

During the school year, ELIS Murcia runs workshops for parents which aim to allow you to explore and share ideas about educating children.

These workshops are carefully designed, practical and informative sessions in which our specialists offer advice as to how best to support your child at home, in different ways. At the same time you will be able to share experiences with other parents, thereby giving support to each other.

All parents are welcome to attend our workshops, whether their children are already registered at the school or not.

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25th October 2019Healthy eating habits (EY, KS1, KS2)
25th , 27th , 29th November 2019Supporting reading & writing development (Y1)
22nd January 2020Fun Maths, at school and at home (Y2)
17th , 19th February 2020Psychomotricity and writing (Reception)
11th March 2020Learning to speak through play (Nursery)
26th March 2020Video games: is my child addicted? (KS2, KS3)
13th May 2020Stimulating my child’s development (Y3-Y4)