Carmen Julia Martínez, Alumnus of the Year 2021-22

When this year’s Alumnus of the Year casts their mind back over the years they have been in ELIS Murcia, they reach an astonishingly high number. This is because of the very special circumstance that Carmen Julia started her journey here as a 3-year-old pupil in 1996, just over 25 years ago, and she continues her journey with us as a highly-valued member of the Lower School teaching team and our school’s Global Be Well Champion.

Carmen Julia is a “limoncito” through and through. Not only did she become bilingual and successfully complete a dual qualification at the end of Sixth Form, but she also met a group of youngsters who would be friends for life and were, in fact, able to join us online and in person to celebrate naming her Alumnus of the Year 2021/22 on December 13th 2021. This group of friends has spread its wings far and wide but ELIS is their home and any opportunity to visit is taken advantage of.

Carmen Julia’s energy and spirit have led her to a passionate career in the teaching profession; she works tirelessly with her pupils to ensure they reach their potential sharing the joy she feels here at ELIS Murcia.

Carmen Julia, how did you end up working at ELIS Murcia?

Back to my roots. As far as I can remember, I always wanted to become a teacher at ELIS Murcia… and here I am! I had just finished my Master´s Degree in Bilingual Education when I received a call to cover a teacher´s absence for a couple of weeks and, since then until today! I feel extremely privileged and lucky to be able to work at the school where I was a student for 15 years.

How is the job going? What is it that you like the most about your work?

ELIS offers the great opportunity to work with different year groups, across the school, which has made me aware of the variety of stages and provided a wider perspective of the teaching career. Each student shows their own interests and new ideas to learn from, which is extremely valuable. It is being quite an adventure!

To what extent do you think that your training at ELIS facilitated your current professional life?

The importance of learning and mastering a second language, with the purpose of becoming multilingual and global citizens is the greatest benefit of having been part of the ELIS community. Appreciation for the world we live in and its global vision has been really nurturing for my professional career. Motivation and thinking beyond with great courage and determination is essential in my day to day.

What about your spare time? What do you do to enjoy yourself when you’re not working?

Dance! I have been enjoying this expression of art since I was 5 years old. I danced flamenco, modern dance and ballet, and even took the Royal Academy of Dance exams. Years later, a new style of dance was introduced to my life: Hip Hop. What a twist! I was part of a competition group, in which we competed both nationally and internationally. Dancing has contributed generously to my true self, building confidence and living very enriching experiences.

Where do you see yourself in a few years time?

ELIS Murcia is a space that helps each individual personally and professionally, contributing to human growth. I see myself enjoying many of the opportunities that ELIS Murcia & Cognita Schools offer. A global journey of growth and learning which I am really looking forward to.

Any memories from your first times as a teacher?

I will always remember the first day I had to bring a class down to an assembly in Thespis. In my mind, all the memories led me to going downstairs quietly, sitting in our corresponding row and waiting patiently until the assembly began. That day, I was still not aware that my role had changed. I went down those stairs with the same enthusiasm as the last time I had been there, 5 years ago, and sat impatiently. It was just then, when I realised that students were now waiting for my indications and that I was no longer a student, but a teacher at ELIS Murcia.