School Fees

ELIS Fees 2021-2022

AgeEnglandSpainMONTHLY FEE
(10 months/year)
3-4NurseryInfant 3608 €
4-5ReceptionInfant 4608 €
5-6Year 1Infant 5698€
6-7Year 2Primary 1698 €
7-8Year 3Primary 2778 €
8-9Year 4Primary 3778 €
9-10Year 5Primary 4778 €
10-11Year 6Primary 5778 €
11-12Year 7Primary 6850 €
12-13Year 8Secondary 1850 €
13-14Year 9Secondary 2850 €
14-15Year 10Secondary 3850 €
15-16Year 11Secondary 4850 €
16-17Year 12Baccalaureate 1870 €
17-18Year 13Baccalaureate 2870 €

Registration Fee: The registration fee for new students in our international school in Murcia is a sole payment of 1,100 euros. This is not refundable.

Lunches: Lunches are compulsory until end of Secondary school (Year 11). Cost by school section from September to June:

  • Nursery/Reception: 1,500 Euros a year, 150 €/month.
  • Year 1 – Year 2: 1,560 Euros a year, 156 €/month.
  • Year 3 – Year 6: 1,670 Euros a year, 167 €/month.
  • Year 7 – Year 13: 1,770 Euros a year, 177 €/month.

School Transport: Depending on which bus route is chosen, a different fee will apply.  Please consult the school Secretaries if you have any doubts:

  • Murcia area: 1,650 Euros a year, 165 €/month.
  • Bus Cartagena/Costa/La Manga/Mazarrón: 2,050 Euros a year, 205 €/month.
  • Bus Fuente Álamo: 1,750 Euros a year, 175 €/month
  • Bus transport is free for the third – and successive – child in a family.

Discounts: The discounts on school tuition fees for having more than one child in our school retain the same structure as in previous years (10% for the second child, 20% for the third and 40% for the fourth).   If the total annual amount of school lunches and tuition fees are paid in September or before, a 2% discount will be applied to the tuition fee.

Examination Fees: There are additional costs for international exams such as languages (ESOL, German and French), IGCSE (Year 11), AS and A-Level (Years 11 to 13). Some IGCSE and A-Level optional courses require students to undertake study and investigation trips at additional cost. You can choose the Exams Fees in Advance option, by paying a fee from October to March, which will be accumulated for the subsequent exam fees for A-Level and IGCSE.

Textbooks: Textbook lists are published during the 3rd term and are available to reserve and buy through the school; this is not compulsory however and books can be purchased independently.

School Uniforms: School Uniform is compulsory up until the end of Year 11. It is not sold by the school, but in El Corte Inglés from Cartagena and Murcia. Please ask the school secretaries for further details.