Sixth Form

Year 12 (17 years old) - Year 13 (18 years old)

International Advanced Level examinations (A-Levels) are taken over the last two years of study and prepare students to achieve double qualifications for university entrance in the UK, Spain and other international institutions. For entrance to certain courses in Spanish Universities students study, alongside their A-Levels, Bachillerato Modalidad PCE subjects in order to prepare for the Spanish university entrance exam, Selectividad.

In Sixth Form, ELIS Murcia provides an innovative vertical tutoring system between Y12 & Y13 that helps our pre-university students to develop a wider range of skills as well as benefit from the expertise of an experienced, specialist tutor team led by the Head of Sixth Form.

Furthermore, throughout Secondary and Sixth Form, our students benefit from:

  • Exchange programmes (current offer: France, UK and Germany).
  • Educational, curriculum-driven residential trips led by subject specialists in Spain and abroad.
  • Preparation for C2 English and preparation up to C1 in a third language, opening doors to universities worldwide.
  • Tailor-made academic programmes that ensure students study subjects appropriate to university degree course choices.
  • Close data-driven tracking of each student’s potential, progress and achievements to better know their strengths and weaknesses, and to help them choose their professional future. Within our SLT we have a Head of Data and Academic Assessment who coordinates this area.
  • Mentoring programme where students share practices and support other years pupils (new joiners for example, or younger students who can benefit from older students’ knowledge and experience). (This programme runs widely in other areas of the school too).

Furthermore, many initiatives enrich our Careers Guidance Programme (Careers Day, attendance to University Fair, Work Experience, etc.). Our Work Experience allows our Year 11 – Year 13 students an insight into the realities of working life in a wide variety of professional areas. This helps them to choose the educational path that suits their abilities and interests the best.

Students graduate from the school with dual official qualifications: at the end of Secondary, the British IGCSEs and the Spanish ‘Graduate in Compulsory Secondary Education’ certificate; and the Spanish ‘Baccalaureate’ certificate and English A-Level certificates, at the end of their Sixth Form studies

Our commitment to educational excellence and families who have trusted us throughout the years, culminates in the Montevida project, that aims to provide a quality working and learning environment for Secondary & Sixth Form students to face higher education. This new site, which will open its doors in September 2020, will allow for 450 additional places at our school over the next 8 – 10 years, providing an amazing learning environment for our broad and balanced curriculum.


At El Limonar International School Murcia we are aware of the importance of enabling our students to adapt to the needs of the current workplace and, even more importantly, the workplace of the future. It is for this reason that our Careers Guidance Programme allows our students the opportunity to come into contact with both universities and the professional world. The main objective of our Careers Guidance Programme is to help our students answer questions such as: What do I want to study? What do I want to be in the future? Which universities should I apply to?

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