Year 7 (12 years old) - Year 11 (16 years old)

In Secondary (KS3-KS4), pupils continue to study 80% of their day in English and the remaining 20% in Spanish and in their third language, developing skills and knowledge in a wide range of areas and preparing for IGCSE exams which will allow them to obtain the Graduate in Secondary Education Certificate and the Certificado General de Educación Secundaria, and to access the Sixth Form A-Level / Bachillerato programme.

From Year 7 to Year 9 our students study a broad range of subjects that follow the established British curriculum. This ensures that they develop skills and knowledge in a wide range of areas.

From Year 10 to Year 11 all students at El Limonar International School Murcia study a programme that combines a compulsory core of IGCSE subjects in English, and Lengua y cultura españolas in Spanish. They also choose a number of optional subjects that allow them to begin to focus their studies upon areas that they may wish to pursue in more detail in Years 12 & 13 (1º & 2º Bachillerato) and beyond.

During this stage our students benefit from many initiatives to help them improve and develop both their personal and professional skills like our Exchange Programme with schools from England, France or Germany or our Work Experience Programme which put them in real contact with the work world.

Our commitment to educational excellence and families who have trusted us throughout the years, culminates in the Montevida project, that aims to provide a quality working and learning environment for Secondary & Sixth Form students to face higher education. This new site, which will open its doors in September 2020, will allow for 450 additional places at our school over the next 8 – 10 years, providing an amazing learning environment for our broad and balanced curriculum.

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