Year 1 (5 years old) - Year 6 (11 years old)

The Primary (KS1-KS2) years provide the important foundation through skills and attitudes that prepare pupils both for further learning and to achieve productive, fulfilling lives. Pupils are encouraged to approach learning with contemplation and courage, creating a sense of confidence that raises personal expectations and the setting of achievable yet ever higher goals. The school’s curriculum follows the National Curriculum for England and Wales in those subjects taught in English and meets the Spanish Ministry of Education requirements for Spanish language and culture. In Year 5, students have taster classes in Chinese, German and French to allow them to choose one of these languages to study as their third language from Year 6 on.

ELIS Murcia also offers an exclusive mentoring programme to help students coming from EYS to start Primary successfully. Our teachers have a close knowledge of our students to address their specific needs.

The school offers a balanced and broad-based curriculum which:

  • Prepares pupils at the school for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life;
  • Promotes the moral, cultural, emotional and physical development of pupils both in school and within society.

The National Curriculum provides pupils with an introduction to the core knowledge they need to be educated citizens. It helps engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement. The programme is just one element in the education of every child and the school goes beyond the specifications to offer exciting and stimulating experiences.


We also favour the introduction of a programme which actively involves students in non-academic activities, maximising their learning opportunities at the same time as widening the current curriculum offer. Our Enrichment Programme is an experience which complements each student’s overall development, and allows us to ensure that every student from Y2 – Y9 (1º Primaria – 2º ESO) will participate in a series of meaningful and engaging additional activities, during the school week, to develop an additional range of skills and attributes.

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