STEAM Day in our Buenavista campus

STEAM Day 2023 (14)

After our Upper School STEAM Day in Montevida, it was time for our Lower School pupils to enjoy theirs in our Buenavista campus.

All students from Y2 to Y8 began the day with an amazing magic show, and that’s because behind any trick there is Maths!

Our Y7s & Y8s had a very important role supporting our younger pupils with their experiments and setting up and presenting their projects on many stands. Our Y2 to Y6 students focused on a wide variety of activities such as building balloon powered cars, participating in paper airplane races, using indicators to test Ph and playing Rubix cube, origami or floating paper clip challenges, amongst others.

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths. All these subjects are very important in our academic curriculum and in our students’ professional development and opportunities. There is never a bad time to learn and promote them, and a STEAM Day like this one is always one of the best ways of doing it!