ELIS Murcia hosts the well-known El Valle Trail race at its Montevida campus

El Valle Trail 2023 (7)

Last Saturday, our school participated in what has possibly been the biggest sporting event in its already long history: El Valle Trail. This is the 15th edition of one of the most important events for trail race lovers, framed in the official Trail Tour and Ultra Trail Tour circuits of the Athletics Federation of the Region of Murcia and which has the El Valle and Carrascoy Regional Park as a backdrop.

The facilities of our Montevida campus hosted the start, the finish and awards ceremony of this race, with 3 distances of 15, 30 and 50 km. The sporting events were followed by lunch and celebrations.

More than 600 runners from different parts of Spain, together with some international presence, participated in this demanding race where the accumulated vertical ascension can reach over 3,000 metres. It is a race with wide recognition that generates a lot of expectation in the sector, and hence the waiting list of more than 200 candidates.

Our values ​​and care for the wellbeing of our community are at the core of everything we do and, without a doubt, practicing sports contributes positively to our day to day. For this reason, we hope to continue to strengthen this collaboration during the next academic year, providing an interesting “ELIS touch” to the next edition that we hope will be loved by our community. Stay tuned!