ELIS Murcia celebrates Cultural Diversity Week

Lower School pupils, parents and teachers enjoyed a fantastic week of events which culminated in Friday’s Cultural Diversity Day when we also welcomed Germà Rigau, Cognita Spain & Italy Managing Director. Many parents came into school to lead activities and workshops, and the atmosphere around the Buenavista campus was truly inspiring. It was wonderful to see the students so engaged in such a wide variety of events and having such great fun.

South Africa, Spain, France, China, Italy, Venezuela, Mexico, the United Kingdom and Romania were some of the countries represented during a week full of workshops, crafts, dances, thematic lessons and gastronomical delights!

Parent participation was key, as was the involvement of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, which installed a traveling exhibition in school. Testimonials from children and young people from disadvantaged areas of India in which the power of sport is promoted as a tool that facilitates integration, equality and respect provided our students with powerful learning experiences.

An amazing week directly linked to the school’s mission statement, which is currently further reinforced by our accreditation process with the Council of International Schools.

Congratulations everyone for such an engaging week!


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