ELIS Murcia donates +200 toys to Cáritas to support the most disadvantaged children’s right to play

This Christmas our school community organised a toy drive to support less privileged families in Murcia. It is an action inspired by the “Green School” programme which the school is a member of, that includes other solidarity initiatives such as contributing to food banks, recycling, saving water and activities to instill human values and respect for other cultures and socioeconomic realities.

This action complements the different children’s rights initiatives already carried out: one of the most important rights, is the right to play. Our pupils were really keen to promote this right, wanting to ensure no child is left without a toy at this time of year.

ELIS Murcia promotes these values throughout the school, working on them throughout the year to instill humanitarian values such as solidarity, global citizenship, intercultural learning and knowledge about other children’s day-to-day life.

On this occasion, toys are wrapped up with a simple sticker indicating the ideal age of the child to receive the toy. According to Covid-19 regulations, children do not touch them. Requirements include those toys must be in a good condition and must have an educational purpose (no warlike or sexist toys).

Children aged 3, 4 and 5 participated in this campaign: approximately 120 students and 240 parents, who until December 22 have a deadline to participate.

The action has a dual objective. On the one hand, charity values are nurtured, and on the other, children see that many of them have too many toys and that, with the imminent arrival of Santa Claus and the 3 Wise Men they will have even more, making it a very good idea to share few of them. “We would like our students to be generous and to share toys that they know are nice and in good conditions, so they develop generosity and empathy and feel happy about doing so,” says Jaione Mendoza, Early Years Coordinator.

On the last school day of the term, Cáritas will collect all these toys, which will be located in their different food and aid distribution centres this Christmas. When a family in need approaches and the volunteers find out that they have little children, they will also give them a toy along with the rest of the aid.