Our Moment, Our Change

Our Moment, Our Change is an initiative launched by ELIS Murcia Sixth Form students, Isabel Marcos and Yoel Dios, with the primary objective of incentivising students from across our school community to switch their habits into more sustainable and efficient ones. The lack of information on topics such as climate change and the impact of our daily lives on the environment served as an inspiration to both students involved. With the help of the economist Kate Raworth’s Doughnut Theory, as well as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the ideas presented came to life through presentations delivered to school members.

The belief that change starts in these smaller scale attitude shifts and the constant support from the community has been a driving force throughout the creation of this project, and has contributed to making the message clearer than ever before. Looking at the future, it is certain that the initiative has much more to offer, and many more activities regarding these topics will soon be implemented!

Congratulations to all involved!