Cognita schools praised by BettFest for our implementation of Ed-Tech tools for teaching & learning.


BettFest is an annual recognised international event where educational leaders and Ed-Tech providers from more than 150 countries meet for business, high-level networking and conference sessions: creating a better future by transforming education is the main focus of this event.

This year, the online version included a very interesting session led by Barbara Holzapfel, VP Education, Microsoft, entitled ‘Learning Forward’.  In this session, Cognita was one of the companies highlighted as an example to follow thanks to the way our schools implemented the latest Ed-Tech initiatives and tools.

In his interview, Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft, talking about flexibility as the key word to allow any activity to continue no matter the place and time states: ‘(…) think of the power of that, which is the ability to transcend space and boundaries but bring all the expertise needed wherever. That’s what you see ever in education (…) The Cognita schools were able to do it across U.K and Europe using tools like Teams.’ (5:14)

Later (18:53) Barbara Holzapfel makes another mention to Cognita saying: ’(…) we have seen many examples including the Cognita network of international private schools, which increased their remote learning capacity by nearly 600% to reach over 33.000 students and educators’.

ELIS Murcia is very proud to have participated in this internationally recognised effort which receives such great acclaim. A brilliant pack of initiatives that we are constantly implementing for the benefit of our school community. An important part of this initiative is our successful 1-2-1 Device Programme which is being gradually offered to a wider range of year groups.