ELIS COGNITA S.L. receives funding from ERDF funds to improve the energy efficiency of its facilities


ELIS COGNITA S.L. has been a beneficiary of funds from the General Directorate of Energy and Industrial and Mining Activity of the Ministry of Employment, Universities, Business and the Environment, aimed at promoting the improvement of energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies within the scope of the ERDF (Regional European Fund) operational programme. The objective of this programme is to advance in the evaluation and improvement of the energy efficiency of businesses as well as to promote the use of renewable energies. Specifically, the European Union, under these ERDF funds, aims to achieve energy savings, energy production capacity and GHG emissions savings.

ELIS COGNITA S.L. is committed to reducing energy use at its Buenavista campus in El Palmar, Murcia. Thanks to the support received through these grants, in 2019 the school was able to renew its lighting installations, replacing them with more efficient LED technology. From the €23,069.66 that ELIS has invested on this project (Replacement of lighting equipment in El Limonar International School), it has received a subvention of €8,074.21, with 80% coming from ERDF funds.

As a result of this action, ELIS COGNITA S.L. has achieved and will continue to achieve a total annual saving of 4.81tep, which means having avoided a total of 18.47 tCO2eq emitted to the atmosphere.

Link to the Directorate General for Budgets and European Funds: http://www.carmeuropa.es

Link to the General Directorate of Community Funds of the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations: https://www.dgfc.sepg.hacienda.gob.es/sitios/dgfc/es-ES/Paginas/inicio.aspx