ELIS Murcia, the safest place to be

As you know, our priority in these times is to maintain the wellbeing of all of our educational community and in this way contribute to the general wellbeing of society. Our responsibility is to make ELIS Murcia a safe place so that you, as parents and relatives, can rest assured knowing that your child is in the best place. To this end, we will continue to improve the safety systems and to be prepared for possible outcomes that are still uncertain today.

We continue to adapt and reinforce the health and safety protocols that we have already implemented. For this reason, at ELIS Murcia we are going to install air purifiers equipped with a high performance 100% ozone-free HEPA filter.

This solution allows us to guarantee continuous air renewal to complement natural ventilation in certain closed spaces of common use so that our students can enjoy a safe and pleasant environment, favouring coexistence and learning.

The use of air purifiers offers numerous benefits for health and cognitive development:

  1. They provide a clean air flow, by retaining particles and reducing CO2 concentration.
  2. They offer thermal comfort, by protecting our students and staff from low temperatures so that they can be in class with the highest levels of comfort.
  3. They promote concentration and school performance, by reducing CO2 exposure that can cause lethargy, offering an optimal environment for learning.
  4. They reduce external acoustic noise, which can interfere with normal school activity.
  5. They exert a positive effect on health, by eliminating environmental pollution such as viruses, bacteria, molds, airborne fungi, as well as particles of environmental dust – especially beneficial for people with allergies and respiratory problems.
  6. In spaces such as the dining room, they offer a more pleasant experience at lunchtime, ensuring students enjoy the daily menu in the safest of environments.