ELIS Murcia Montevida presentation ceremony

Last Thursday 29th we celebrated the ELIS Murcia Montevida presentation ceremony to show everyone our new Secondary and Sixth Form campus – the most innovative teaching and learning space in the Region of Murcia.

The current health situation obliged us to postpone the onsite inauguration event that would have been held and which will be organised as soon as circumstances allow.

The ELIS Cognita Executive Principal, Chris Eversden, and the ELIS Murcia Headteacher, Vanessa Grimward, hosted a short online event with the collaboration of over fifteen school parents, staff and  representatives from the Cognita group who shared their opinions, congratulations and thanks for the development of this wonderful project.

This was followed by the most significant part of the event: a guided tour of the facilities, offered by the students who enjoy learning at ELIS Murcia Montevida every day. A virtual alternative especially dedicated to the parents of our school community who at these times are unable to visit these wonderful facilities in person.