ELIS Murcia competes its way through lockdown!

On 18-22 May 2020, students and their families from ELIS Murcia will join their teachers in an Olympics-style global lockdown competition with thousands of students in schools around the world.

The inaugural ‘Cognita Home Games’ is a series of fun fitness and skills challenges to join in with at home. It is being organised by the global schools family Cognita, of which ELIS Murcia is a member.

With around 60 Cognita schools from across the world set to be involved, participating students, staff and families from ELIS Murcia will compete to win the trophy for the school with the highest average score and the highest average participation. ELIS Murcia will also form part of Team Europe in the bid to win the highest score or highest participation trophy across the three regions within Cognita (Europe, America & Asia). Individual medals will also be up for grabs for participants who gain the highest scores in their age group.

Following the opening ceremony on the Monday, ELIS Murcia athletes will be able to participate from home in up to four fitness challenges and up to four skills challenges, with the closing ceremony and results announced on the Friday.

Sport is acknowledged the world over for improving health and happiness, and this virtual event is designed to bring school communities together during school closures.

Our Headteacher, Vanessa Grimward, said: ‘This optional event has captured the imagination of our PE staff and teachers alike, and we hope it will also inspire our students and families to get involved. By competing in this event, we are recognising the important contribution of sport to each individual student’s passion, pride and character, as well as the vital role of sport to physical and mental health. We’re delighted to be joining together with schools all over the world in the Cognita Home Games. It’s going to be a lot of fun. Go team ELIS Murcia!’