Proud of the amazing results our students achieve!

(Our Headteacher, Vanessa Grimward, proud of these two students’ achievements to date.)

Within the current constraints of confinement, teachers and families continue to work collaboratively to keep our students engaged in their learning.

We are also proud of the amazing results our students achieve and as we now know more about two of our Year 13s future university plans, we wanted to share some information with you. But, let them explain in their own words:

Christian Moyano says: ‘Thanks to Aurora, Elena G and Jose Ramón for being such a great inspiration in helping me to decide to study medicine during my Work Experience programme. When I applied, I did not have much hope of getting in, however, with the support of Miranda and Ms Millican, who helped me to strengthen my application, I have been able to obtain offers from both Leicester and Aberdeen University. The Aberdeen Medicine Faculty is considered one of the best in the UK!

I am very excited about starting at uni and continuing to enhance my academic profile!.’

And Pilar Ruano asserts: ‘Growing up in an environment like ELIS Murcia has helped me throughout my academic life to grow as a person and to expand my horizons. I am and always will be grateful to my parents for having given me the opportunity to study at a school that opens its doors internationally. It is true that I changed my mind at the last moment regarding my professional future and the change of subjects was not entirely easy at first. However, thanks to the support I´ve always received from my teachers, my own hard work, effort and good attitude, I have been able to obtain good results and have been offered two places to study in University College of London (UCL). The student profile I have created from being part of the ELIS Murcia community has been decisive in my application to university. I am looking forward to starting university and spreading my enthusiasm and motivation throughout this new academic stage.‘


Well done and congratulations!