New ELIS Murcia Montevida project

Yesterday afternoon our school community attended a meeting in which our Executive Principal Chris Eversden presented the plans for the exciting new ELIS Murcia Montevida project. This project will provide state of the art educational facilities for our older students, whilst allowing for an upgrade and redistribution of the current school site in El Palmar for our younger pupils.

This new campus has been conceived as a school in which the facilities themselves are integral to the learning; they will provide the best educational facilities in the Region with flexible and modern learning spaces for more than 450 students.

ELIS Murcia Montevida will possibly be the first school in southern Europe and in the Cognita Group with a neutral environmental impact: a campus which generates its own electricity; incorporates integrated air temperature control systems; stores rainwater and uses it across the school.

This modern school will also maximise the use of the Murcian natural environment for teaching and learning by incorporating outdoor teaching spaces. It will be constructed with low-impact building materials and will undoubtedly be a model to follow by other private schools across Europe.


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