Message from the Principal

The Academic Year 2014-2015 marked the 10th anniversary of the opening of El Limonar International School Villamartín, the result of the expansion of the very first El Limonar School, in Murcia, to the Torrevieja area. From 1998 to 2004, the founding owners ran a small school near Los Balcones and in September 2004 the current purpose-built site opened its doors to 241 pupils from 18 different nationalities.

In its 10 years history, El Limonar International School Villamartin has experienced sustained growth. Facilities and amenities like the kitchens, science labs, theatre space and play areas are continuously improved and added to; pupil numbers have increased from 240 to 500 and the number of teaching staff has grown accordingly, from 26 in 2004 to over 50 now.

People come and people go, particularly in a community like ours and in those 10 years, over 900 families have made Villamartín the school of their choice.

What hasn’t changed in those 10 years? The school aim to provide a high quality, caring and effective education for its pupils remains unaltered. Our culture of unconditional mutual respect for all members of our school community is the backbone of everything we do.

The school’s ethos of inclusion, respect and dignity is palpable and we work hard to ensure every family feels happy, secure and unique within the school. More than 30 nationalities are represented on our student body and one of our achievements has been to develop a real sense of community for all our pupils and their families.

Success at GCSE and A Level and entry into first choice universities are our ultimate academic aims. However we know that no two young people are the same and our challenge is to tailor each child’s learning journey through our school in order to meet their individual needs and present them with achievable academic and personal targets at each stage in their education. This journey begins with a strong foundation in quality language learning as well as the forging of a sense of multiculturalism which is not limited to the classroom but is present in all aspects of a pupil’s experience at school.

It is a pleasure to watch how our pupils learn, grow and develop as young people and at the same time contribute to the enhancing the lives and experience of everyone in our school community.

Mission Statement

El Limonar International School Villamartín’s programme develops each pupil’s sense of respect and dignity in order to achieve inner human and academic excellence within an educational framework which nurtures and challenges, and promotes intellectual growth

  • Education in English from 3 years.
  • Multilingual education (German/Chinese/French from Year 5).
  • Beyond the Classroom activities.
  • Individual Learning Journey.